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About me

OK, listen to my life story :). I was born at 23:15 on 18th October 1980 in Ljubljana. My parents, Frida and Ivan Car named me Boris. I was astonished when I found out I also had a  big sister Ida when I came out of the uterus. Boy, she has really used her position of an older sister well. But I've been hanging around with her from the day I was born, although the first years of my life I was sort of hanging upside down with her, cause she used to carry me around holding me by my feet. You can see yourself what that did to me ;). Anyway, I was a pretty quiet child the first few years in kindergarden and I didn't really have many friends. When I was home it was a completely different story though and I drove everyone crazy. The first year in school all my school-mates loved to tease me and that made me even more high-tempered than I was (and you can still notice that today, although I'm trying hard to be calm). After that first year of torture I decided to go to another class, but because I was little I thought it was enough to just walk in another classroom ( OK, I was doubtful about that a little), so that's precisely what I did. Of course they said "OUT YOU GO!". So I stayed in that stupid class for another year and after the school year was over I transfered myself to another class officially. That's when I started amusing people in order to attract a bit of attention. They loved me. I quickly got a bunch of friends and finally became a normal child ;). Then the next few years weren't that interesting to tell you anything, except I gained a few pounds in the seventh grade when the first real fast-food restaurant Dairy Queen was built in our city. That entire year my friends and I did nothing else but went to the movies and to the Dairy Queen about two times a week. And that's when I got my Passport picture taken (O GOD, you should've seen it, it's horrible: I was wearing the biggest glasses you ever saw - they covered half my face. I got my first glasses in third grade btw). Then came Junior PROM and I was really nervous about which girl I should ask to be my dancing partner. Days kept passing by and my nervousness grew every day. Then one day in the school's hallway one of my school-mates (GIRL of course) grabbed me by my arm as I was passing by and asked me if I already had a dancing partner. Needless to say that I liked the girl very very much. Of course I accepted her invitation of being her dancing partner and I got some nice memories out of it. Damn I was happy at the junior prom. Beside the fact that I got to dance with the woman I liked, I also got called on stage about 5 times to receive numerous awards, cause I was a pretty smart kid and that made me proud like hell ( not to mention my parents ). After 8th grade I got accepted in one of finest highschools in Slovenia and that's when I got my passion for basketball. You see, I watch every game of our highschool team and am one of the biggest fans. I also started routing for our city's basketball team UNION OLIMPIJA which by the way won a European championship in season 94/95 and was third in Euroleague two seasons ago. This season they were doing great and were first in their group (H) and that's all thanks to their defense ( best European defensive team ). Pitty they lost to Pau Orthez in 1/16 finals... Ok, back to me now. I've already finished three grades in Bezigrad highschool and now I'm ready for my last year before college. I'm thinking of studying English - good idea? Anyway, that's my life story. Here is a little more information about me:

-height : 186cm = 6' 1"

-weight: 90kg = 198 pounds

-eyes: blue

-hair: -length: Micro short ;) -colour: unknown ... brown I'd say

-favourite colour: blue ( you'd never guess would you )

-favourite movie: As Good as It Gets and La Vitta e Bella

-age: 18 (on October 18th 1998)

-status: student and single

-gender: MALE

-favourite music:  Rock, Metal, some POP and a little Punk

-favourite songs: Lilys - A Nanny In Manhattan, Puressence - This Feeling, Chumbawamba - Amnesia, Hole - Celebrity Skin ...

-favourite NBA teams: LA Lakers, Phoenix Suns, Seattle Sonics, Minnesotta Timberwolves.

-my current computer hardware is: Sonix 19" monitor, Matrox Millenium G200, Monster 3D II (12MB), Intel P2 330 Celeron A (running at 417MHz), Abit Motherboard BH6, 128MB RAM 100Mhz, Sound blaster Live! Value, 4.3Gb Quantum Fireball HD, TEAC CD-ROM 24x, Eicon Diva Pro 2.0 ISDN modem, TEAC PowerMax 160W speakers, HP LaserJet 6L printer, Logitech serial mouse and a 3.5" floppy disk of course!

-click on icon below to see an enlarged photo of me (most recent)

Ooooh the sweetest thing ;)