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OK, below you will notice 16 little images. If you want to see any of them in an original format,just click/doubleclick them and feast your eyes on pure beauty :).The original images are all in Jpeg or Gif format and these preview images are all Gif images.


1.My favourite = Dance of the mermaids(800x1200, 267kB) 

Merm_s.gif (5835 bytes)

2.Mountain of might and power (506x389, 63kB) 

Mount_s.gif (10635 bytes)

3.A wet Rose for a wet kiss (552x369, 42kB) 

Rose_s.gif (9178 bytes)

4.Sunset in the Grenland (480x324, 28kB) 

Snow_s.gif (9648 bytes)

5.Sunset on the ocean by the lighthouse(480x324, 18kB) 

Lighth_s.gif (8642 bytes)

6.One of my school-mates that deserves a spot here(158x238, 22kB) 

Maja_s.gif (5869 bytes)

7.A very cool image as you can see(512x512, 35kB) 

Image_s.gif (5472 bytes)

8.stereogram #1(my favourite - Two bunnies.. 800x575, 225kB) 

Bunnies_s.gif (16316 bytes)

9.stereogram #2(a skull ... 691x527, 50kB) 

Skull_s.gif (9701 bytes)

10.stereogram #3(a globe ... 2000x1500, 315kB) 

Globe_s.gif (13211 bytes)

11.stereogram #4(a heart ... 667x600, 155kB) 

heart_s.gif (8497 bytes)

12.stereogram #5(a man ... 318x439, 20kB) 

Man_s.gif (7617 bytes)

13.stereogram #6(a rosette ... 640x480, 55kB) 

Rosette_s.gif (10922 bytes)

14.stereogram #7(a pharaoh ... 494x507, 150kB) 

Pharaoh_s.gif (10665 bytes)

15.stereogram #8(a "star" ... 640x480, 27kB) 

Star_s.gif (9769 bytes)

16.stereogram #9("star" 2 ... 640x480, 24kB) 

star 2_s.gif (10307 bytes)