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Katie Holmes

-Bio Name: Katie Holmes

-Birthdate: December 18, 1978

-Age: 20

-Hometown: Toledo, Ohio

-Current Residence: Wilmington, North Carolina

-School: ˇHigh School: Notre Dame Academy, Toledo, Ohio ˇCollege: Columbia University, New York, New York (deferred admission) ˇMajor: Undecided

-Height: 5'8"

-Weight: 108 lbs.

-Eyes: Brown

-Hair: Brown

-Family: ˇFather: Martin Holmes Sr. (lawyer) ˇMother: Kathleen Holmes (homemaker) ˇSiblings: Three sisters, one brother (Katie is the youngest) Katie's family is very involved in sports: her brother Martin Jr. played football at Harvard and is currently practicing law with his father's law firm. Her older sister played collegiate basketball at Pitt. Katie's father was a star basketball player who played for Marquette University.

-Favorite Actor: Tom Hanks

-Favorite Actresses: Jodie Foster, Meg Ryan

-Favorite Movie: My Best Friend's Wedding

-Favorite Directors: Woody Allen, Ron Howard

-Filmography: ˇThe Feelers (title changed from "The Faculty) not yet released - Directed by Robert Rodriguez - Written by Kevin Williamson - Co-stars: Elijah Wood

ˇKilling Miss Tingle (1998) not yet released - Directed by Kevin Williamson - Written by Kevin Williamson - Co-stars: Helen Mirren

ˇGo (1998) not yet released - Directed by Doug Liman - Produced by Matt Freeman III, Mickey Liddell, and Paul Rosenberg - Written by: John August - Co-stars: Christina Ricci

ˇDisturbing Behavior (1998) not yet released - Directed by David Nutter - Written by Scott Rosenberg - Co-stars: Jimmy Marsden, Nich Stahl

ˇThe Ice Storm (1997) - Directed by Ang Lee - Produced by Ted Hope, Ang Lee and James Schamus - Written by Rick Moody and James Schamus - Co-stars: Christina Ricci, Kevin Kline, Elijah Wood

-MY PERSONAL OPINION OF HER : I think she is the most beautiful girl in the world and I'm not kidding. She is the only girl (woman actually) I fell in love with the first time I saw her. It was on a comercial for Dawson's creek which was about to air in Slovenia. She is the ONLY reason I started watching the show anyway and I never regreted it till now, because our TV network that was broadcasting Dawson's creek first got me hooked on the show and then they stopped broadcasting it. You have no idea what that did to me :). I just hope they will continue broadcasting it sometime soon, otherwise I'll buy the tapes of DC somehow. Ok, back to her: Her "signature expression" is the way she always crooks her smile to her right hand side - the cutest thing I ever saw. I'd really like to know what Katie is like in reality, cause her character Joey could be considered as my ideal female(girl/woman).I mean SHE ROCKS MY WORLD,.... I could praise Katie forever, but unfortunately I don't have enough time, however if you look at the images at the bottom you'll see what I mean!!! Click on them to see the original pictures.

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