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Welcome :)

This page was primarily created as a home page for the ultimate EuroTeams logo patch (UELP), but I thought that if I was to have a home page at all, it would at least be a bit better. You have to understand though that I'm a rookie at making home pages, so this page is nothing special. If you are willing to help me make this page better, please email me by clicking the button below. Also, report all mistakes you find, please.

Do not fear though,cause the UELP is still here. Look for it in the DOWNLOAD section, where it is accompanied by some new patches I've made recently. Including my brand new NBA Live '99 patches : Euroleague court and Euroleague logos ( ingame, menu and large - all in fsh format )- they're ultimate as well ! :)


I also have an IMAGES section with some absolutely breathtaking images, so take a peek, you won't regret it. I recently added a few stereograms ( 3D images ) as well. Some people might have difficulties seeing what's in the image though, but try a bit longer and don't give up. Look at the image with BOTH eyes and look in the distance( like you're watching sth behind your monitor ). Anyway, I hope you like them. Here is a smiley stereogram just for you.

Smile, you're on Car's Home Page

Then there is also an ABOUT ME section where you can find out more about yeah..ME!

I'VE MADE A NEW SECTION DEDICATED TO KATIE HOLMES (Joey in Dawson's creek), where you can find sth about her and also see some of her best pictures (my choice) ! She is really worth seeing, trust me.

And last but not least, the LINKS section which is sort of my bookmark as a matter of fact, but it contains some really AWESOME (who am I kidding, right) links.

I updated all of the sections a little, so recheck them :). Enjoy your "staying" and please sign my gustbook, so I'll have at least one entry that's not mine ;). Feel free to email me anytime ( if you want to send a larger e-mail, send it to : , otherwise just click on the button below.

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This page was last updated on July 2nd 1999.

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